It is world wide known that some countries completely ban all online gambling and betting activities, which basically means business owners have to seek alternative more friendly climates in a number of countries that require additional business requirements such as licensing, registration, physical presence and so on. We at WLC are licensing our platform on a different principle.

While you will be the sole owner of your domain name, the software will remain our property and only run from our virtual private cloud, which means there is no liability for you to handle. And if you choose to process payments through our merchant accounts, we will send your payouts upon request to any offshore bank account you designate. Your revenue will be paid out as “online marketing revenue”.

In conclusion, no additional paperwork or business licenses are required from your end. You are responsible for filing your own taxes when and how you wish, without any interference from our side.

We recommend using an off-shore domain registrar in order to secure your domain name.

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