Why start a sports betting website

During the last 20 years the sports betting business literally exploded, from small betting shops and bookies into professional betting agencies, consulting firms, marketing and online betting websites. With direct access to a multi-billion dollar market, adding a sports betting section to your online white label casino will be a wise choice.


Aspects to consider when starting a sports betting website

Unlike several vendors state, running an online sports betting business is actually quite complex. There are lots of details that may make this business a success or a failure, here are a few things to keep in mind

  • Up to date sports content such as events and prices (odds) are a must. If the website does not keep up with market changes users will take advantage and potentially rip unlimited amounts of money off the sportsbook. And refusing payouts is the shortest road to a bad reputation which leads to quick failure.
  • A sports betting website must be complete, fast, intuitive and easy to use so that clients may find their way around the market offers and place their bets with maximum efficiency.
  • Well planned security systems must be in place to avoid fraud.
  • Complete and strictly enforced terms of service must be present at all times. Without enforcing a solid SLA the entire business operation will turn into mayhem.
  • Allow and enforce fast processing of deposits and withdrawals as nobody likes to wait to get paid. The sports betting business sure does not, nor do casual clients and definitely not professional traders.
  • Include a well designed affiliate program as well as a complete set of marketing tools (coupons, periodic bonuses, free bets, other marketing material)

These are the basic things to keep in mind when starting an online sportsbook. Furthermore, when choosing a white label sports betting platform, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • If the provider will supply the market data (leagues, events, prices, bet types). Additionally, line managers are required for volatile market management.
  • Whether you or your provider will assume liability for bets placed by users as their bets do win and people do expect to get paid. If a large bank roll is not available, then your sportsbook white label provider must retain liability and thus, a small portion of the profits.
  • If customer support is included.
  • Whether you will use your own payment processing merchant accounts or you will delegate payment processing to your provider.
  • If a business license is required or not.

On the side of business licensing, regardless if sports betting is legal or not in your jurisdiction, obtaining the gambling licenses is actually a quite tedious and expensive process. It is indeed useful in the long run, but for a new business the process requires quite some heavy lifting, which is why the operating agreement between the licensee and the provider must include sub-licensing.

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Our sports betting software

During the last 12 years we have worked on building and improving a state of the art sports betting website engine that easily compares to the multi-million dollar websites out there. Although clean and simple to use, our software is packed with a full set of features such as complete market data, state of the art content feeds, an intuitive and easy to navigate user interface, as well as an advanced betting slip that allows fast purchase on a single or multiple markets using straight bets, multiple bets or special bets.

Payment processing is done using any of the 12+ payment gateways and under strict security and anti-fraud monitoring. Our white label and administrative back-end has been continuously improved to support multi-role, multi-privilege staff accounts as well as basic sportsbook management modules (market data, account, transaction, content).

Assistance with business licensing is also available, and as an alternative you can obtain an unlimited sub-license from us for the entire duration of our partnership.

The online sports betting software is available stand-alone (please contact us for a personalized quote) or seamlessly integrated with our Professional and Enterprise white label casino packages so that users may use all features under a single sign-on.
Please visit White Label Sportsbook to learn more about our sports betting software.