Our company also offers integrated white label poker network software with Sit&go, cash games and tournaments. Our poker software works from any device, starting with computers and laptops and down to tablets and major brands of smartphones.

We have a seamless integration between our white label casino, poker, sportsbook, affiliate program, live casino and all other products. This means that users do not have to transfer money from a wallet to another in order to play casino or poker games, and it also means that all users’ winnings and bets go in and out of the same single wallet balance which is conveniently shown at the top of all our products.

Our white label casino software integrates perfectly with our white label poker software using the same graphics and design as well as fully compatible branding with as per our operators requirements.

Our poker software supports scheduled tournaments which are great for marketing and promotions because scheduled tournaments guarantee a large number of concurrent users. And while games a replaying or users wait their turn, they can also go real quick to the sportsbook to place a bet on their favorite team or head to the single player casino to spin a roulette wheel or slot game.